Happy International Blasphemy Day (Well, maybe not so happy.)

Today, September 30, is the first  International Blasphemy Day.  It’s a day to regale in blasphemy.  Think about it:  atheists, agnostics, self-proclaimed intellectual elite, godless liberals, college students and unbelievers everywhere can spend the day blaspheming the God they don’t really believe is there.  Seems paradoxical.  The reason (excuse?) for the day is fighting for free […]

The Church Is NOT Full of Hypocrites – Unless You Decide to Join

hyp⋅o⋅crite 1. a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, esp. a person whose actions belie stated beliefs. 2. a person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, esp. one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public […]

Does Your Pastor Wear Shoes to Church?

Tim Challies had an interesting post,  I’ve Never Been Mistaken for Brad Pitt, about the problems with “regular” pastors evaluating themselves against so-called celebrity preachers.  This is compounded by the availability of inordinate numbers of preachers on the internet. This got me to a thinking …….. What is a celebrity pastor?  Is it the guys […]

Talk Like a Pirate – Arrrrggghhhhh

Ahoy! Tomorrow will be natter like a pirate day.  Do ye reckon pirates really nattered this way? Even if they didn’.  Itr fun, once in awhile, t’ natter like a pirate. I prefer t’ comic-like pirate like ye saw on Peter Pan.  Th’ Croc ‘n Captain Hook were classic.  Lot’s o’ fun, mate. So put […]

If They Have Self-Esteem – Everything’s Possible – Maybe

You know when something doesn’t feel right, right?  When my boys were in Little League and soccer during their elementary years, a couple things would happen.  Everybody would get a trophy.  They would ask what the final score was and nobody would answer. Even in school, things that didn’t make sense happened.  Everybody would get […]

9/11 – We Can’t Ever Forget

I was standing outside of a classroom where I used to be an educator of sorts waiting to help a teacher administer an important beginning-of-the-year reading test.  A teacher across the hall looking rather pale said to me that something terrible was happening.  She lead me to her computer.  There was a one line news […]

Nobody X Nothing = Everything

nobody x nothing = everything 0 x 0 = 4234234235805982509834092384029384029384023…. Do either of these “formulas” make sense to you?  There is no force behind the creation of the universe.  So nobody created it.  And it apparently came to be out of nothing.  If you call yourself an atheist, this is pretty much the hypothesis you […]

How Does Your Brain Formulate Reality?

Violating Own Rule:  Will be unabashedly using I in this post. Some say it’s just making connections — stimulus-response.  Some say the data is already there and we discover it.  Some say we construct complex knowledge structures — schemata.  Some say our brain creates reality. Blurring the Distinction Between Fiction and Non-Fiction My wife and […]

Quick Quips and My Presuppositions

Below is a list of quick thoughts to get out of the way before more lengthy posts: There really is absolute truth out there.  Your truth and my truth are merely our perceptions of the truth.  Perceptions do not create truth.  They reflect – accurately or inaccurately – individual knowledge of truth. Likewise, reality is […]

I Can Prove To You There Is a God … But I Can’t Make You Care.

The rhetoric about the existence of God, the role of religion in society, science vs. theism, etc., etc., etc. has gotten pretty shrill.  In the “good old days” there were visions of organized debates with formats, rules, politeness and — perhaps — reasoning.  Maybe polite is stretching it a bit, but the formats and rules […]

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