Parents (Teachers): You Have Responsibilities, Few Rights, and Not Much Power – Part 2

In part 1, we hypothesized that both parents’ and teachers’ effectiveness has been undermined by significant and long-term efforts to disempower both groups.  We stated that this disempowerment did not diminish the responsibilities heaped upon teachers and parents nor ameliorate subsequent blame.  In fact, blame directed at teachers and parents  has increased.  We further hypothesized […]

Parents (Teachers): You have Responsibilities, Few Rights, and Not Much Power – Part 1.

I just retired – as of this school year – from approximately 31 years of teaching.  I haven’t retired from 25+ years of parenting.  Being a parent and a teacher causes a strange kind of schizophrenia including multiple personality (dis)order (for those of you who are running or 35 watts, this is hyperbole).  Think like […]

Top 10 (Or More) Reasons Your Church Might Be a Christless Church

There’s a great concern today that the modern evangelical church has, at best, marginalized Jesus Christ in the church or, at worst, kicked him out completely.  Below are some “Top 10” (or more) lists on the topic  These are not necessarily in order of importance. Your pastor wears Hawaiian shirts, jeans, and no shoes. (see […]

Laureate of “huh” – Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize

(This one has to be in the first person, folks.) My first reaction was “huh” followed quickly by “oh brother” and “for what?” …. But I think we have all gotten used to the “moral intelligentsia” superimposing greatness on their chosen ones. President Obama was inaugurated on January 20.  The nominations for the Nobel Peace […]

Banned Book Week: Propagandized and Lied to by Marian the Librarian, Part 2

In part 1, we argued that Banned Book Week was fundamentally misleading. We defined “banned” and questioned whether banning was actually a real problem in the United States. We questioned the lumping of “banned” with “challenged” books as a challenge was not fundamentally in itself a problem. We stipulated that “banning” in America, if it […]

Banned Book Week: Propagandized and Lied to by Marian the Librarian, Part 1

Last week was Banned Book Week.  This celebration, sponsored by a consortium of organizations including American Library Association,  wants people to realize that others challenge the availability of books.  The specter of “banning” and “censorship” causes a certain emotional reaction – bringing up pictures of wild-eyed mobs with torches or the “Fire Department” of Fahrenheit […]

CFI Founder Paul Kurtz Blasts CFI’s Sponsorship of International Blasphemy Day

It wasn’t surprising to see the religious not too thrilled with yesterday’s International Blasphemy Day.  Yet it was notable that the founder of the Center For Inquiry, Paul Kurtz lambasted the organization regarding activities of Blasphemy Day.  An excerpt follows (emphasis added): The celebrating of “Blasphemy Day” by the Center for Inquiry by sponsoring a contest encouraging […]

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