Sometimes a Miracle Is Just a Miracle —

Some people see a miracle in everything.  In truth, this is not a bad approach in terms of appreciating..  Claiming the miraculous for every single thing sometimes strains credibility.  But if there is something that is difficult to explain, it might be a miracle.  Sometimes proving something is not a miracle can be more ludicrous […]

Tim Tebow, Super Bowl, Prior Restraint Didn’t Work – Now What?

  The Tebow Family Tackles (sorry I couldn’t help it) the Super Bowl In spite of all the snarling, whining, and threatening, CBS aired the ad sponsored by Focus on the Family featuring Pam (mother) and Tim (son) Tebow.  Pam Tebow talked about her “miracle baby,” how hard it was, and how she still worried […]

Tim Tebow, Super Bowl and Prior Restraint – Part 2

On Monday, we scampered down the road of women’s groups trying to act as censors.  In that post, it was noted that the arguments for censoring were not only flawed, but bordered on mere excuses that would not hold up unless you were committed to their point of view.  Another quote to bring home the […]

Tim Tebow, Super Bowl, and Prior Restraint – How Quaint!

How quaint.  I wrote about Banned Book Week in October when Marian, the Librarian proclaimed an entire week to rail against the evils of censorship.  During that same week, non-Christians worldwide celebrated International Blasphemy Day supposedly as a protest to censorship, but really bordering on “hate-speech” against the Christian God.  Even the founder of the […]

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