Merry Xmas – I Mean, chi mas, I mean Χριστός mas, I mean Christmas — 2010

Several paragraphs are a repost from last year’s Christmas related posts.  Specifically, how the use of Xmas really isn’t a strategy for taking Christ out of Christmas or the holydays, I mean, holidays. Many people get themselves in an uproar when someone uses the abbreviation Xmas.  To them, it symbolizes the effort to remove the […]

Science, Schmience – Part 2

Read Part 1. A little philosophy inclineth man’s mind to atheism, but depth in philosophy bringeth men’s minds about to religion.—Francis Bacon In part one of this post, we shared some fairly jarring quotes from respected "scientists" that made it very clear that "objectivity" as it is asserted by "scientists" is illusionary, and "science" had […]

Science Schmience: The Stupid Lie of Objective Science

It’s usually bad policy to just find quotes from people to prove your argument.  If you look long enough, you can find someone, somewhere who says something so outrageous it proves your point. But once in awhile quotes are so jolting that they can stand on their own.  The topic is science (in this case […]

I Saw a Christian Christmas Play That Terrified Me!

Children’s Christmas Pageants are supposed to be uplifting.  They usually embrace some kind of definition of the spirit of Christmas – Christian or secular.  This can take the form of a telling or reliving of the Christmas story of the birth of Jesus or some version of a secular Christmas tale. In December, our church […]

Merry Xmas – I Mean, chi mas, I mean Χριστός mas, I mean Christmas – Part 2 — And Happy New Year!

In the last post, the meaning of Xmas was discussed.  As it turns out, Xmas is not an attempt to take Christ out of Christmas, but the Greek letter chi standing for Christ.  We then talked a bit about the usual anti-Christmas stuff that goes on.  The premise was that God, the Creator of the […]

Your Category – Your Afterlife – Your Choice

It’s pretty clear everyone has an opinion about the afterlife.  These opinions range from “there is none” to very elaborate envisioning of the future. This is not always a favorite topic – especially if it seems very far off.  If you are an atheist and to some degree an agnostic, this question causes little concern.  […]

Do You Have Your Worldview, Philosophy and Religion in Synch?

I met a Hindu at a steakhouse the other day.  I was a little surprised.  He said he didn’t worry too much about eating his uncle. Then I went to a Chinese restaurant full of Jewish people eating pork lo mein with parmesan cheese.  I met both a Communist atheist and a Communist Christian.  I […]

Nobody X Nothing = Everything

nobody x nothing = everything 0 x 0 = 4234234235805982509834092384029384029384023…. Do either of these “formulas” make sense to you?  There is no force behind the creation of the universe.  So nobody created it.  And it apparently came to be out of nothing.  If you call yourself an atheist, this is pretty much the hypothesis you […]

Quick Quips and My Presuppositions

Below is a list of quick thoughts to get out of the way before more lengthy posts: There really is absolute truth out there.  Your truth and my truth are merely our perceptions of the truth.  Perceptions do not create truth.  They reflect – accurately or inaccurately – individual knowledge of truth. Likewise, reality is […]

I Can Prove To You There Is a God … But I Can’t Make You Care.

The rhetoric about the existence of God, the role of religion in society, science vs. theism, etc., etc., etc. has gotten pretty shrill.  In the “good old days” there were visions of organized debates with formats, rules, politeness and — perhaps — reasoning.  Maybe polite is stretching it a bit, but the formats and rules […]

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