Do You Remember March 31, 2005?

On March 31, 2005 Terry Schiavo died.  If you don’t remember the name Schiavo, maybe you’ll remember that there was a nationwide controversy surrounding her husband’s efforts to pull the plug. This case – probably mostly forgotten – was a high point for “the culture of death” and a low point for prolife and disability […]

How Could The Day Get Past Me

On Monday, November 23, 2009, I thought about November 22, 1963.  The entire Sunday, the date never entered my mind.  This is the first time in 45 years that I haven’t thought about the Kennedy  assassination on November 22.  I have noted with each passing year, however,  the media coverage shrinking. I am a little […]

The Berlin Wall – Can You See It As Wrong?

It’s pretty unlikely that you’ve spent a lot of time thinking or talking about either Communism or Eastern Europe.  We don’t even use the term “Red China” much anymore.  Most twenty-somethings probably don’t even know that much about Communism apart from their college years.  They also don’t know how worldview colors so many other things […]

Sometimes a Piece of Sci-Fi is Just a Piece of Sci-Fi: There’s a Pundit Behind Every Flying Saucer

Freud was all about one thing meaning or symbolizing something else.  So much so that it was alleged that his incessant cigar smoking was about something quite different.  He defended himself by saying “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” It has been documented that Freud smoked around 20 cigars per day.  That would mean […]

Laureate of “huh” – Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize

(This one has to be in the first person, folks.) My first reaction was “huh” followed quickly by “oh brother” and “for what?” …. But I think we have all gotten used to the “moral intelligentsia” superimposing greatness on their chosen ones. President Obama was inaugurated on January 20.  The nominations for the Nobel Peace […]

Banned Book Week: Propagandized and Lied to by Marian the Librarian, Part 2

In part 1, we argued that Banned Book Week was fundamentally misleading. We defined “banned” and questioned whether banning was actually a real problem in the United States. We questioned the lumping of “banned” with “challenged” books as a challenge was not fundamentally in itself a problem. We stipulated that “banning” in America, if it […]

Banned Book Week: Propagandized and Lied to by Marian the Librarian, Part 1

Last week was Banned Book Week.  This celebration, sponsored by a consortium of organizations including American Library Association,  wants people to realize that others challenge the availability of books.  The specter of “banning” and “censorship” causes a certain emotional reaction – bringing up pictures of wild-eyed mobs with torches or the “Fire Department” of Fahrenheit […]

CFI Founder Paul Kurtz Blasts CFI’s Sponsorship of International Blasphemy Day

It wasn’t surprising to see the religious not too thrilled with yesterday’s International Blasphemy Day.  Yet it was notable that the founder of the Center For Inquiry, Paul Kurtz lambasted the organization regarding activities of Blasphemy Day.  An excerpt follows (emphasis added): The celebrating of “Blasphemy Day” by the Center for Inquiry by sponsoring a contest encouraging […]

Happy International Blasphemy Day (Well, maybe not so happy.)

Today, September 30, is the first  International Blasphemy Day.  It’s a day to regale in blasphemy.  Think about it:  atheists, agnostics, self-proclaimed intellectual elite, godless liberals, college students and unbelievers everywhere can spend the day blaspheming the God they don’t really believe is there.  Seems paradoxical.  The reason (excuse?) for the day is fighting for free […]

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