Rebranding: International Blasphemy Day / Blasphemy Rights Day – Hmmm – Maybe not!

(Before you read this post, you might want to have a look at my writing about the 2009 International Blasphemy Day — Happy International Blasphemy Day (Well maybe not so happy.). Hoooooray (not)! It’s September 30, International Blasphemy Day, I mean, Blasphemy Rights Day. Yes, whoda thunk – a little rebranding for the proponents of […]

Tim Tebow, Super Bowl, and Prior Restraint – How Quaint!

How quaint.  I wrote about Banned Book Week in October when Marian, the Librarian proclaimed an entire week to rail against the evils of censorship.  During that same week, non-Christians worldwide celebrated International Blasphemy Day supposedly as a protest to censorship, but really bordering on “hate-speech” against the Christian God.  Even the founder of the […]

CFI Founder Paul Kurtz Blasts CFI’s Sponsorship of International Blasphemy Day

It wasn’t surprising to see the religious not too thrilled with yesterday’s International Blasphemy Day.  Yet it was notable that the founder of the Center For Inquiry, Paul Kurtz lambasted the organization regarding activities of Blasphemy Day.  An excerpt follows (emphasis added): The celebrating of “Blasphemy Day” by the Center for Inquiry by sponsoring a contest encouraging […]

Happy International Blasphemy Day (Well, maybe not so happy.)

Today, September 30, is the first  International Blasphemy Day.  It’s a day to regale in blasphemy.  Think about it:  atheists, agnostics, self-proclaimed intellectual elite, godless liberals, college students and unbelievers everywhere can spend the day blaspheming the God they don’t really believe is there.  Seems paradoxical.  The reason (excuse?) for the day is fighting for free […]

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