Tim Tebow, Super Bowl, and Prior Restraint – How Quaint!

How quaint.  I wrote about Banned Book Week in October when Marian, the Librarian proclaimed an entire week to rail against the evils of censorship.  During that same week, non-Christians worldwide celebrated International Blasphemy Day supposedly as a protest to censorship, but really bordering on “hate-speech” against the Christian God.  Even the founder of the […]

Banned Book Week: Propagandized and Lied to by Marian the Librarian, Part 1

Last week was Banned Book Week.  This celebration, sponsored by a consortium of organizations including American Library Association,  wants people to realize that others challenge the availability of books.  The specter of “banning” and “censorship” causes a certain emotional reaction – bringing up pictures of wild-eyed mobs with torches or the “Fire Department” of Fahrenheit […]

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