Are You Guilty of Being Obsolete? Part 2

Read Part 1 of this post. The Obsolete Man – Part 2 In part 1 of this post, looking at The Twilight Zone episode, The Obsolete Man, concepts of statism and statolatry were discussed.  During the first ten minutes of the episode (part 1), librarian Romney Wordsworth was tried and convicted of being obsolete. In […]

Are You Guilty of Being Obsolete? Prosecutor, The State – Part 1

Almost 60 years ago, on a popular TV show, The Twilight Zone, Rod Serling presented a dystopian tale entitled “The Obsolete Man.”  The broadcast in 1961 occurred in the middle of the Cold War – two plus months after the failed Bay of Pigs attempted invasion of Cuba, two plus months before the border between […]

Sometimes a Miracle Is Just a Miracle —

Some people see a miracle in everything.  In truth, this is not a bad approach in terms of appreciating..  Claiming the miraculous for every single thing sometimes strains credibility.  But if there is something that is difficult to explain, it might be a miracle.  Sometimes proving something is not a miracle can be more ludicrous […]

Merry Xmas – I Mean, chi mas, I mean Χριστός mas, I mean Christmas – Part 2 — And Happy New Year!

In the last post, the meaning of Xmas was discussed.  As it turns out, Xmas is not an attempt to take Christ out of Christmas, but the Greek letter chi standing for Christ.  We then talked a bit about the usual anti-Christmas stuff that goes on.  The premise was that God, the Creator of the […]

Merry Xmas – I Mean, chi mas, I mean Χριστός mas, I mean Christmas – Part 1

Many people get themselves in an uproar when someone uses the abbreviation Xmas.  To them, it symbolizes the effort to remove the Christ from Christmas – if not to obliterate Christian overtones to the holiday.  And clearly, there are those who use Xmas with that intention. It seems legitimate for committed Christians to get exacerbated […]

Your Category – Your Afterlife – Your Choice

It’s pretty clear everyone has an opinion about the afterlife.  These opinions range from “there is none” to very elaborate envisioning of the future. This is not always a favorite topic – especially if it seems very far off.  If you are an atheist and to some degree an agnostic, this question causes little concern.  […]

Do You Have Your Worldview, Philosophy and Religion in Synch?

I met a Hindu at a steakhouse the other day.  I was a little surprised.  He said he didn’t worry too much about eating his uncle. Then I went to a Chinese restaurant full of Jewish people eating pork lo mein with parmesan cheese.  I met both a Communist atheist and a Communist Christian.  I […]

Top 10 (Or More) Reasons Your Church Might Be a Christless Church

There’s a great concern today that the modern evangelical church has, at best, marginalized Jesus Christ in the church or, at worst, kicked him out completely.  Below are some “Top 10” (or more) lists on the topic  These are not necessarily in order of importance. Your pastor wears Hawaiian shirts, jeans, and no shoes. (see […]

Does Your Pastor Wear Shoes to Church?

Tim Challies had an interesting post,  I’ve Never Been Mistaken for Brad Pitt, about the problems with “regular” pastors evaluating themselves against so-called celebrity preachers.  This is compounded by the availability of inordinate numbers of preachers on the internet. This got me to a thinking …….. What is a celebrity pastor?  Is it the guys […]

9/11 – We Can’t Ever Forget

I was standing outside of a classroom where I used to be an educator of sorts waiting to help a teacher administer an important beginning-of-the-year reading test.  A teacher across the hall looking rather pale said to me that something terrible was happening.  She lead me to her computer.  There was a one line news […]

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