Do You Have Your Worldview, Philosophy and Religion in Synch?

I met a Hindu at a steakhouse the other day.  I was a little surprised.  He said he didn’t worry too much about eating his uncle. Then I went to a Chinese restaurant full of Jewish people eating pork lo mein with parmesan cheese.  I met both a Communist atheist and a Communist Christian.  I […]

Quick Quips and My Presuppositions

Below is a list of quick thoughts to get out of the way before more lengthy posts: There really is absolute truth out there.  Your truth and my truth are merely our perceptions of the truth.  Perceptions do not create truth.  They reflect – accurately or inaccurately – individual knowledge of truth. Likewise, reality is […]

My First Post – My First Day of “Retirement”

I’m not really a “journaling” kind of guy, but for this post only, I’ll keep it in the first person.  Today the 2009-2010 school year started without me.  After 35 years of gainful employment (mostly gainful), I have joined the great baby boomer mass of retirees.  The two complaints I have so far are as […]

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