The Fortress of “Everybody Agrees With Me”

What’s the biggest social problem facing the western culture?  Is it poverty and class warfare?  Is it overpopulation?  Is it economic inequality?  Maybe it’s secularization or religion.  Perhaps it’s militancy.  Not sure what the biggest problem is, but a very big problem has to do with the “polarization of ideas.” It appears one of the […]

Parents (Teachers): You have Responsibilities, Few Rights, and Not Much Power – Part 1.

I just retired – as of this school year – from approximately 31 years of teaching.  I haven’t retired from 25+ years of parenting.  Being a parent and a teacher causes a strange kind of schizophrenia including multiple personality (dis)order (for those of you who are running or 35 watts, this is hyperbole).  Think like […]

My First Post – My First Day of “Retirement”

I’m not really a “journaling” kind of guy, but for this post only, I’ll keep it in the first person.  Today the 2009-2010 school year started without me.  After 35 years of gainful employment (mostly gainful), I have joined the great baby boomer mass of retirees.  The two complaints I have so far are as […]

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