Rebranding: International Blasphemy Day / Blasphemy Rights Day – Hmmm – Maybe not!

(Before you read this post, you might want to have a look at my writing about the 2009 International Blasphemy Day — Happy International Blasphemy Day (Well maybe not so happy.). Hoooooray (not)! It’s September 30, International Blasphemy Day, I mean, Blasphemy Rights Day. Yes, whoda thunk – a little rebranding for the proponents of […]

Your Category – Your Afterlife – Your Choice

It’s pretty clear everyone has an opinion about the afterlife.  These opinions range from “there is none” to very elaborate envisioning of the future. This is not always a favorite topic – especially if it seems very far off.  If you are an atheist and to some degree an agnostic, this question causes little concern.  […]

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